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HoverBoard Slide by Lexus

SLIDE, a hoverboard seen in Back to the Future II is worthy but, the Slide is getting there with a few  more improvements that can meet the same stylistically expectations. However the science bringing this science fiction invention to life is still pretty cool. As Lexus mention,  their new design is specialized and is still slowly in development.

The hoverboard hype does not exactly meet the expectations of hovering over ground but the Lexus Slide can. Although, the design is still being remodeled to be able to hover streets, it is in need of magnets and a specialized metal park to hover. According to Lexus,  the design consists of  bamboo and carbon fiber skateboard, with wisps of smoke, levitating around inch or two off the specially made ground.

According to the company’s briefly stated the materials, the device has its own “magnetic levitation” to maintain lift-off, which can be a form of levitating. The surface trickery for the hoverboard to operate is magnets or steel mixed in underneath the concrete, to give the hover in Lexus Slide. This is how the hoverboard relies on superconductors and magnets, which combines to repel the force of gravity and lift the board up in the air. Although the safety varies, it is quite new and can be mastered for skaters and such.