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Floating Homes on the Ocean

If you ever want to get off the grid or just live in the ocean, here is your chance. There is this new design UFO Floating house that is supposed to cater to your  need. The UFO homes is intended for ability to be off the grid and travel around the world. This is possible with the usage of  a waterjet-propelled “ Torqeedo Deep Blue 1800 electric motor”. The company also says an onboard water generator would be used for converting rain or seawater to fresh drinking water, as well as watering a vegetable garden located on a deck that encircles the structure and measures 41 feet in diameter.


The fiberglass make up an equivalent to two stories of the inside, with flexible floor plans for various changes. That consists of a transformable kitchen and dining/living area on the top level, with stairs leading down to submerged lower level with bathroom and bedroom surrounded by a large window so you can have sea animals watch you watch them.


Jet Capsule’s livable UFOs are also designed to make use of all the surrounding environment to produce and store energy. For instance, the company intends to “install wind and water turbines to generate power” while also installing solar panels on the vessel to harness solar energy. Talk about extreme green conservation. If the vessel takes in more energy than it uses, the excess is simply sent to an internal battery fitted in the base of the UFO. Owners will also have the ability to control an electric anchor from inside the ship, which is used to keep the UFO in one position. This as the dream design for any adventurer and can be worthwhile investment. However, it is not very cool to those with fear of water or travel since this adventure can turn into complete nightmare.