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Is it A Bird. Is It a Plane. No Its the FlyBoard Air

The Flyboard was invented with a sole purpose of racing.  This revolutionizing idea is making it big with its water jet hoverboard. Invented by Frank Zapata, it has grown from a simple project into a full-fledged idea to a competitive sport. The Zapata Racing is prepared to revolutionize the sport, but this time with the FlyBoard Air, a hover board that gets rid and uses only air to zip you across the sky. If you ever dreamed about being a bird, look no further, a solution has come upon you.


The original design was groundbreaking, but its success was limited. It used a stream of high pressure water that pushed the rider multiple feet in the air to allow them to move up water. In order to generate this powerful thrust, the rider had to be connected to a personal long hose that carried the high-pressure water stream from the hose to the nozzles underneath the fly board. The pressure was adjustable, providing riders with control over the thrust so they could move themselves higher or lower as desired. The system was very maneuverable with advanced riders able to perform acrobatic maneuvers like flips, twists and turns in mid air.


In a demonstration video, Zapata is shown flying effortlessly over a body of water, reaching a height of 30 meters during the 3.5 minute flight. The project is still in its prototype stage and will continue to undergo testing and finalization for 2016. With a successful public flight, Zapata is now on par with two other engineers, who last year showcased their JB-9 jetpack by flying around the Statue of Liberty to continue on the Flyboard Air.