About Us

Ryzen is a technical recruitment agency serving Silicon Valley since 1999.

We are Silicon Valley

In 1999, John Staulo and Gary Mantalas founded Ryzen Solutions to be a trusted provider to Silicon Valley’s growing product development community. With their combined 40 years of experience in Mechanical Engineering and Business Development, the Two began like most Silicon Valley startups – out of Gary’s garage (really his den!).  Over the next 20 years, John and Gary have been able to grow their small business into what it is today, servicing the nation’s center of technological innovation.

Our principle focus originated in engineering and CAD automation with an emphasis on mechanical engineering. However, like many successful organizations in the valley, we have evolved.  We created an engineering consulting company that could adapt and navigate the complex landscape of the product development community in Silicon Valley.  Today, as trusted advisors, we extend our technical services to meet the varied needs of our partners in all aspects of their organization.

Within the last 20+ years, Ryzen has worked with some very talented individuals and teams. We take pride in connecting these talented individuals to their dream jobs and bringing success to their teams.  Our core mission is to develop long lasting relationships with our hiring managers while connecting them to people that solve their mission critical projects.

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