We know Silicon Valley

As a trusted IT and engineering recruiting firm in San Jose, we know what it takes to get work done

Ryzen Solutions-Plus™ Process

Find the right person simply and more accurately with our proprietary 5-point process. We seek the perfect match in technical competence, chemistry and financial fit. Our process includes:

1. Technical Fit

We match your specific technical requirements to the right candidates. If you need someone with experience in a specific programming language, we take it a step further, matching specifically to environment, application, language version, etc. that you need before we begin.

2. Cultural Fit

We match your company culture with candidates whose interpersonal skills and chemistry mesh with your organization. We know what it takes for people to work well together, function as a team and get the work done seamlessly, on time and to spec. There are many subtle elements in making a match, and our experienced technical recruiting professionals understand those factors very well.

3. Career Fit

We match your opportunities to the candidate’s interests and aspirations. Knowing that they can advance their career within the organization can improve retention and attract in demand talent. For contract staff who fit well into your organization, finding add-on projects and planning for new releases can help to retain them – and their knowledge – longer.

4. Financial Fit

In today’s competitive market, it can be tough to attract top talent while remaining in budget. Our knowledge of the local market works to your advantage, giving you a realistic overview of projected compensation to land the right individual. We may find that you are overpaying for the job and can reduce your compensation package. In other cases, we will recommend modifying the specs for a job, or proposed compensation to ensure a successful search.

5. Overall Fit

We combine all these tangible and intangible elements to make the best match between our clients and our candidates. By weigh the importance of each aspect of fit, we can create relationships of mutual benefit to employers and professionals.