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Robots Run with Neural Network

Programming and Machines have begun initiating their shift towards artificial intelligence. The Neural Networks is one of the new trendiest programming language dealing with a version of machine learning research. Neural Network is an advance programming language that mimic the nervous system and brain of a human. It can even be considered as one of the hottest topics in machine learning research today. According to, many big tech companies like Google, Facebook and Baidu are recently jumping into this field of research.

Neural Network is believed to be highly influential to benefit human life in the near future. Robots that are programmed with neural network are going to be automated to do tasks with negligible margin of error. As many have predicted our futures being surrounded by robots, is no longer impossible. Neural network programming has offered a way for robots to be an incomparable version with humans.

The form neural network does not take a human brain form but have complicated systematic formatting. Mainly using statistical analysis, neural network helps determine a human like response based on data to mimic a similar response. Neural network is being explored, who knows what Neural Network is capable of aiding the inventions/ robots of the future.