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Children of Engineering

Children are becoming more creative than ever. After the stump period of inventions, kids have now been able to use their imagination and creativity to make new inventions for the future. As they grow up into teenagers those ideas slowly become a reality and benefit society in an engineering way. This is why you are able to see these children inventors of 2016 that is able to code apps or make life changing inventions that contribute to health.


The study with AMSE (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and EiE ( Engineering in Ele.), they observe kids thinking process in which they take turns presenting pieces of data that support their own thoughts, engaging in a practice that is critical for engineers; creating new ways to get to the main idea. Through these observations AMSE concludes their growing minds allow them to think outside the box and create new inventions easier than the typical graduate engineer.


They have also apply what they’ve learned from other places like struggles around the world like walking very far for water to drive them to  create ideas that help it become easier. Although unable to built certain expensive parts, they think of everyday things they can use to make a struggle into a conviency. Ultimately, these students can reach a decision and has a strategy that is not through creating typical part of the engineering, but ideas that drive them. Along the way, they’ve worked individually and with others to communicate skillfully as they argue from evidence and work toward a data-driven decision–demonstrating that they’ve mastered key engineering habits of mind.