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Semi-Conductors and Their Growth

Semiconductors continues to be a vast export product for the United States, according to the government export statistics. Semiconductors are essential products fueling U.S. jobs, economic growth, and innovation. They are used as a substance conductivity between that of an insulator and is found in electric chips or electronic products. The amount of semiconductors are the third-highest of any manufactured export product.

The semiconductors are ahead of other products such as telephones, computer equipment and communications equipment. The way semiconductors have maintained this leading position should never be forgotten. They have contributed so much to technology and its advancement and appearance throughout modern day.  One reason is because the United States remains a top location for U.S. semiconductor manufacturing. Although, it is somewhat harmful to the environment with the creation of semiconductors, Obama has created a policy in March 2016 that is allowing engineers to create alternative environmental actions.

The semiconductor market today is truly global, and to ensure U.S.-made semiconductors can reach all global markets, it is important that these foreign markets remain open. We have became the independent holder of semiconductors that most foreign countries still need. A huge company needed in China or any other country spans from IBM to Samsung.