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That could be a Ryzen engineer

All these new gadgets and gizmos are hitting the market, like Google’s new Android and the new smartwatch by Samsung.  Of course we want to know all about what features they have and what colors they come in, but has anyone ever stopped to think about the developers that are behind these big brand names?

Google’s newest Android has been dubbed KitKat, like the candy bar.  “We couldn’t imagine a better name for our Android K release than the tasty chocolate that’s been a favorite among the team since the early days of Android,” said Marc Vanlerberghe, Google’s marketing director for Android.

A team which could have Ryzen found developers on it.  Imagine, you partaking in something as simple as snacking on a treat with your coworkers and all of a sudden you’ve had a hand in inventing and naming the newest gadget-chip and dip, veggie platter, french fry!

Samsung is set to release their Galaxy Gear, a smartwatch late September.  Samsung’s beauty has made the biggest debut in the smartwatch market so far, but some consumers are waiting for companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft to release their model before they purchase one.   There are other smartwatches that have already been developed, like the Pebble, Motorola MotoActv, Sony SmartWatch 2 and Qualcomm Toq.

That’s 5 companies that are releasing smartwatches, with 3 possible companies who might be making their own right now. These are the kinds of engineers Ryzen works with and recruits!

What we’re trying to get at here is that Ryzen placed engineers are everywhere.  If working on the latest tech trends is your dream, we can help you with that.  Just imagine, you could be on the team that develops the next big thing, just think while you’re munching on your favorite snack, the snack that could give inspiration in naming the next big thing.

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-Maricela Ramirez
Social Media Intern
Ryzen Solutions