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The “Don’ts” of an Interview

Interviews can be stressful and overwhelming. It’s the first face to face impression you have with the company. In order to leave that interview feeling good, here are some things you should know not to do!

Do not let your appearance distract from who you are and why you are there. Be aware when choosing your clothes. If you’re choosing a bright color, make sure it is tastefully done, that the overall outfit is conservative. Avoid short hemlines, skin-tight fits and plunging necklines. Even when wearing a blazer, make sure the shirt underneath is professional, instead of a t-shirt. Most importantly, dress to match the company environment and culture. If you interview at a casual attire workplace, don’t show up in a suit.

Perfume & Cologne
Take it easy. Don’t drown your interviewer with a smell that they could find offensive or have an allergy to.

Do not look overdone, aim to have a natural, awake and refreshed look.

Don’t ask what the position pays, it might make you appear that you haven’t done your research. Only bring up salary if the hiring manager asks. If the manager asks about your current salary, tell them the truth, but if they ask how much you are looking to make, here’s your opportunity to tell them how much this opportunity means to you, how it’s more about the experience, and if you are the right fit salary can be negotiated.

Don’t arrive late. Map out where you are going and plan on traffic.
Don’t chew gum.
Don’t ramble on and on, it makes you seem unprepared. Have answers in your head before going to the interview.
Don’t forget to say thank you! Manners matter, show the interviewer that you appreciate their time.

Speech (courtesy of
When answering questions, don’t say…
“I’m just looking for a job” even if it’s true, the company needs to know you’re looking to work with them and you want the particular job you’re interviewing for.
“I don’t know” if asked a question that you truly do not know the answer, explain your thought process when trying to answer the question.
“My biggest weakness is that I work too hard” instead, choose something that isn’t directly related to the role you’re applying for, then back it up with what you are doing to improve it.
“I love your glasses” don’t compliment your interviewer on physical appearance, instead praise the interviewer on a professional accomplishment or a company achievement.

-Maricela Ramirez
Social Media Intern
Ryzen Solutions