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Questions for Immediate Recruiting

How can we get in touch? Will the candidate be around?

If we have a candidate, we’ll need to be able to contact the person in a timely matter. If he is going to be out of the area or busy, we need to know the best way we can contact the candidate- whether it is by phone or email, and when.

Is there anything preventing him from taking the job?

Maybe the candidate is interviewing somewhere else.  If there is anything that prevents him from taking a job, we would like to know what it is and if this is the number one job.

Does the candidate have a bonus due? What’s his or her current compensation?     

If the candidate gets the job, is salary going to be an issue? We don’t want him to get the job then for him to let us know that he doesn’t want it anymore because of the salary. Plus, knowing when his bonus is due and what his current compensation is gives us an idea of how much he may expect later on.

What’s his current project status?

Knowing about the candidate’s current project status gives us an idea of where he is at in terms of employment. If he’s currently working, is he going to quit to start the new job or will the candidate need time to wrap up his current project?

How important is this opportunity? Are there other offers? Competitive opportunities? How would the candidate rank them?

We would like to know how much he wants this job, how much priority, and what other opportunities the candidate has to compare to.

What are his decision criteria? Money? Hours? Flexibility?

We would like to have an idea of which job is best for the candidate, so knowing his decision criteria beforehand helps us. The candidate should let us know why he wants this job and what’s important about it so we have his word. If the candidate becomes unsure or wary later on, we can help assure the candidate about the job by reminding him why he said he wanted the job in the first place, and why he should take it.

How will commuting be?

We’ll need to know if commuting will be a problem. Can the candidate make it to work five days a week and work the full hours? The last thing we want is for him to decide that the commute is too long and that he doesn’t want to continue to work there after the first day.

Can I have your assurance and e-mail you with the confirmation e-mail right away?

Once we have the candidate’s word and assurance, we’ll let the candidate know that we’re sending his resume in and how much the pay rate is to move forward with the job opportunity.

Does he have a problem with going through a background check & drug test?

We are responsible if we bring anyone to a job and a problem arises. We would like to know if there is a problem with going through a background check and doing a drug test.

Is the candidate available for interviews? When?

We want the candidate’s availability right away so we can be quick to the point on the first call. Face to face interviews are important to getting to know what type of person the candidate is and his full potential for a job.

Can you commit? (3 months? 6 months? Etc.?)

Commitment in a job is important, if the candidate can only commit for a certain period of time then we would like to know. We also don’t want anyone to leave after the first month if he finds a better opportunity.

-Leslie Tran
Intern at Ryzen Solutions