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The Humanoid

A robotics company, Boston Dynamics recently unveil one of their innovative robots, the Atlas robot. The robot personifies human movements throughout different terrains, demonstrate maneuvers for catching itself after falling and opening various doors. Although the developers have pushed it around countless of times in the famous demonstration video on youtube, the Atlas robot remarkably gets back up without the use of human control or help.


This humanoid robot which does not only mimic human actions but replicate the certain joint and makeup of humans,as well. The compact and light design can be seen walking around untethered and in complete control of its movements. This robot can walk through snow, maneuvering around objects, and correcting its balance. However, the movement are not super smooth through terrain like snow it can be mistaken as someone who is intoxicated, but it does not fall down. It uses sensors in its body and legs to balance and other sensors in its head to avoid obstacles, conquer the terrain, help with navigation and manipulate objects.


The motive for these robots are still unknown and can be left to buyer’s imagination.This technologically advanced robot is definitely meant for the outdoors. Boston Dynamics describes it to have “specialized for mobile manipulation.The design was said to have took years to build to be electrically powered and hydraulically actuated.