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Line of Watches

Smartwatches are the trend of 2016 according to techRepublic.  They have been showcased all over CES (Consumer Electronics Show) signifying its successful technology transition for 2016. The appeal comes from the line of consumer wearables continuing to trend for the years to come.These watches are now being sold through various companies like Apple, Samsung, and etc. The smart watches are the new accessories for phones for better accessible use.

The smartwatches can showcase not only time but offer multiple use .Big companies like Samsung and Apple have adopted this idea and found a new way to make millions by having it specially designed watch to sync with their cell phones. This has attracted more consumers and is currently rising in popularity compared to the pebble smartwatch, which was deemed the superior smartwatch of 2015 by Smartwatch Group. However, the Apple watch and Samsung Gear G2 is following close behind.

As smartwatches allow more usage, health monitoring and phone calls are just by the wrist. The shift of pressing against a cellphone to your ear is now shifting to phone calls with your watch. Big companies are slowly shifting consumers buy both their cell phones and smartwatches by growing this trend and generating new ones every year.