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Net Neutrality


Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers must treat all data on the Internet the same, and not discriminate or charge differently by user, content or website. Recently there has been out rage over the possibility that net neutrality may be restructured and replaced by other packages provided by our service providers (ISPs). These packages would be titles such as; paying more for better access, limited access for potential clients, and lastly slower loading times.

Changing net neutrality can possibly have negative reprecussions for small business. Paying for better Internet access will create tiers of accessibility. Small businesses will be at a disadvantage because they will not be able to compete with larger businesses that have the ability to afford the larger packages. This allows small and large businesses the opportunity to have equal opportunity to place information on the Internet. Limited access to content will give ISPs the ability limit access of the Internet based on their personal business. This hinders the growth of businesses because they have the opportunity to limit their access to what they want to sell or promote. Those on the Internet will not have the ability to access a website from a small business. Lastly, the providers may implement slower loading times. This means that if they do not block the website all together, they could have the ability to cause slower loading on particular websites that are not theirs. Net neutrality is crucial for businesses, startups and entrepreneurs relying on the Internet to foster their company and business. It has the ability the lower the barriers for entry and level the playing field. Although this is not certain it is important to take the steps necessary to prevent this from happening.