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Highest Paying Tech Jobs Forecasted for 2019

Listed below are some of the highest paying hi-tech jobs for 2019 within the United States.

Big Data Engineer with an average salary of $155,000. Businesses must harness the complexities of managing large-scale data processing systems. Big Data Engineers convert raw data into meaningful information that the company can use for decision making to pass their industry competitors.

Cybersecurity Engineer with an average salary of $140,000. A cybersecurity engineer’s job includes designing and testing security systems while ensuring they mature with progressing environments. The main responsibilities include analyzing potential web threats and providing solutions to prevent cyberattacks on internet-connected systems.

Systems Administrator with an average salary of $131,000. Their responsibilities include ensuring security and efficiency of the IT infrastructure as well as installing and configuring networks, hardware, and software.

IT Auditor with an average salary of $130,000. These professionals are probably more of a welcome sight to businesses than tax auditors. They spot weaknesses within a company’s system network and translate the technical jargon to business managers and clients.

Software Engineer with an average salary of $127,000. A degree in computer engineering or computer science is a gift that keeps on giving. There are many areas of specialization in software engineering–ranging from web applications to operating systems.

The average salary of these five positions is increasing at the fastest rate within the IT world. According to Scout Exchange, these job titles were posted twice as often since the start of 2019.

Data was collected from Business Insider, Tech Republic, and Scout Exchange.