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Google Plans to come to San Jose

Downtown San Jose will see major changes after the news that Google will be purchasing 6 million square feet (245 acres) of real estate. The land will be used for developments of office and retail spaces. The proposed acquisition is projected to create 20,000 new jobs and boost the San Jose economy. This would be Google’s largest collection of Google offices anywhere in the world. Currently, the company has the biggest work hub in the US, which is the Mountain View location that comprises 3.1 million square feet of land.

The project is still in the beginning stage, but San Jose city planners are eager to work with Google and further develop the city into a more urban and technologically advanced area. Two investors have already purchased $124 million dollars’ worth of land—with additional purchasing in the works. Google is committed to working hand-in-hand with San Jose Transit and environmental sustainability plans.  The Mayor of San Jose is also committed to creating amenities to the community that works and lives around Google’s new developments.

San Jose is the largest city in Northern California and home to many of the largest hi-tech companies. The results of Google’s planned development could boost its reputation even further as the world’s leading technology area.  With the creation of thousands of new jobs, San Jose will have to transition to a more mass transit-based society. It would bring many jobs to the city and alter the city to a more transit based society. Meetings between the City Council and Google are currently in process and decisions should be coming very soon.