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Hiring: Seasonal & Technology


During winter time, holiday retailers now must deal with the overwhelming growth in e-commerce. Companies like Ebay and Amazon begin hiring a large volume of employees from call centers to packers for order fulfillment. Seasonal workers won’t only be needed for the holiday rush. Tax season (January to April) holds another extremely critical employment boom.

Just-in-time talent will always be popular with companies looking to limit labor costs. The challenge in 2016 will be to source qualified talent that’s willing to work onboard and offboard at the employer’s convenience. As the labor market tightens, many people who in recent years were open to seasonal jobs have by now have found full-time employment and demand is much stronger now than ever before. A key part of seasonal hiring relates to social media presence. In order to look for the most qualified employees, staffers must be willing to search through various professional social networking sites, namely Linkedin and Seelio.



Tech giants begin scouting for talent in more unconventional ways.

Tech employers are seeking more innovative ways of recruiting talented coders. Currently, companies are investing in programs to seek out and even draw specialized talent to their doorstep. Social recruitment programs such as CodeFights and Hackathons challenge programmers to test themselves against their peers with a cash incentive- all while showing off their skills to potential employers. Large scale companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Google are taking the initiative to reach out and fund university hackathon programs in hopes of hiring talented seniors and new graduates.