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Top 10 Schools The Biggest Tech Firms Hire From

If you’re looking for a computer science and engineering program job and you didn’t go to an Ivy League school there is still a very good chance of landing a job with the 25 biggest Silicon Valley employers, such as Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook. A research conducted by HiringSolved listed the top ten universities sending graduates to tech firms, only two of the ten were Ivy League. The list included (in order) UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Southern California, The University of Texas at Austin, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Illinois at Urbana -Champaign, San Jose State University, UC San Diego, and Arizona State University.  The CEO of the company that conducted the research, Shon Burton said “Having a deeper, better-rounded comprehension makes a great engineer because they’re thinking creatively and when the technique fails, they have the ability to fix the issue. This is the key to a desirable Silicon Valley job candidate.” This further solidifies that tech companies and recruiting firms are looking beyond the name on the diploma when hiring employees.

Some Tech companies have close relationships with universities such as Yahoo with Stanford and Berkeley. While Apple seems to recruit alumnus from Stanford and San Jose State. Schools with the most undergraduate and graduate alumni were hired by big tech Silicon Valley employers in the last year. For instance, San Jose State alone has more than 7,000 engineering student and 13 graduate and undergraduate programs. Universities with high volume students in engineering and computer science catch the eye of recruiters who hire in big numbers.

One important thing to note is that most of schools on the list aren’t Ivy League. Therefore, it means that admission to an elite school isn’t necessary for a career in Silicon Valley and it’s not where you go but what you know. It can also be seen that tech firms are hiring from local universities. Such as Stanford, Berkeley and San Jose this is good news for locals looking to stay in the area and land a job in Silicon Valley. Lastly, attached is a list of most used stills in the tech industry to help prepare job seekers.