Ryzen Solutions-Plus™ Process

Our proprietary Ryzen Solutions-Plus™ 5-point screening and matching process enables us to find the right person for you, based on technical competency, chemistry and financial fit. Our process includes the following quantitative and qualitative assessments:

1. Technical Requirements Match

We match your technical requirements for the projected work with the expertise of the candidate. For example, if you are looking for a person with a given number of years in a specific programming language, we will drill down to the particulars regarding environment, application, language version, etc. that you need before beginning the process, to get it done right. We do the work to your specs and see no percentage in sending you people who miss the mark, or hoping you will relax your standards.

2. Cultural Fit

We match your company culture with candidates whose interpersonal skills and chemistry will work within your organization. We know what it takes for people to work well together, function as a team and get the work done seamlessly, on time and to spec. There are many subtle elements in making a match, and our experienced technical recruiting professionals understand those factors very well and find those people who are a fit within your organization.

3. Career Fit

We match up the opportunities for career advancement with the candidate’s aspirations for direct-hire or contract-to-hire positions. Turnover can be reduced when there is a career path and one can plan out their professional growth within a company, and we often work with our clients to create career paths for their employees. We encourage our clients to do the same for their contract staff who have gotten to know their systems and culture, to find add-on projects and plan for new releases so as not to lose the knowledge that has been acquired.

4. Financial Fit

We match your salary structure, ranges and benefits with the candidate’s financial requirements. We understand your need to maintain a certain salary structure within your company, and with our knowledge of the marketplace, we can determine the degree of difficulty in fitting a person with given skills into that structure. In some instances, we may tell you that you are overpaying for the job and can reduce your compensation package. In other instances, we will recommend that to expedite the search, we modify the specs for a job, or provide for an accelerated compensation review based upon performance to land the right individual.

5. Overall Fit

We combine all of the above tangible and intangible elements into making the best match between our clients and our candidates, be this for a short-term contract assignment or a long-term career position. We try to weigh the importance of each of the above items to determine which items must be met, and which can be sacrificed to some extent, in filling your staffing needs. We negotiate the deal in bringing people on and attempt to have more acceptable back-up candidates if your first choice does not work out.