Our Process

Requirements Analysis

Successful hires rarely happen by chance. The most effective recruiting efforts are the result of careful planning and expert execution. At Ryzen, we work closely with you to develop the right recruiting strategy for your specific hiring needs.

  • We will review your product development goals and constraints and recommend the right staffing strategies.
  • We will analyze the job duties and performance expectations to determine your critical-versus-desirable job specs.
  • We will custom-tailor a recruiting strategy and service process to your specific hiring needs.
  • We will not waste your time with candidates who are not technically qualified or will not fit into your company culture.
  • We ask the right questions when checking references to determine who performs—and who doesn’t.
  • We find the right person at the right price for each and every assignment.
  • We will be honest and direct with you.
    1. We will let you know if your compensation package is adequate.
    2. We will let you know if your time frame can be realistically met.
    3. We will not undertake an assignment we are not qualified to fill.

Overall Fit

We combine all of the above tangible and intangible elements into making the best match between our clients and our candidates, be this for a short-term contract assignment or a long-term career position. We try to weigh the importance of each of the above items to determine which items must be met, and which can be sacrificed to some extent, in filling your staffing needs. We negotiate the deal in bringing people on and attempt to have more acceptable back-up candidates if your first choice does not work out.