Is there a shortage of software engineers in Silicon Valley?

February 7th, 2013

The answer to this is debatable.  Is it that they are hiding or that there aren’t any? Or maybe, is it that they are being overlooked?  Here are some answers…

Jon Marcus, a longtime tech recruiter in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco was interviewed about the “engineering shortage myth” where he states that software engineers are the hardest to find.  He goes on to explain that even though there is always a need for more engineers, there is no shortage, it’s just that the companies have raised their standards or are being more selective with who they hire, turning down people that have the potential to be a great fit.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on tech jobs in the Silicon Valley and their research shows that their is a shortage in the Bay Area.  They report that the number of capable, talented engineers is dropping and not replenishing fast enough.

So far it seems that one could say there aren’t any due to the shortage, but there is also reason to believe software engineers are in fact being overlooked.  So once they are found and hired, why is it hard to keep a software engineer at one place?

Software engineers are a hot commodity says  This article explains that even though the demand of engineers is higher then the supply, software engineers are jumping to different jobs to get salary increases.

It is not a simple answer for the question “Is there a shortage of software engineers in Silicon Valley?”  The best answer might be that yes, there is a shortage, but it’s an artificial shortage.  It only appears to be a shortage because of the selectivity of the employers, but software engineers are out there, they are just in search of the best salary, maybe difference experiences or more of a challenge.

-Maricela Ramirez
Social Media Intern
Ryzen Solutions

Facts about Engineering Salary, Experience and Education

January 31st, 2013

The number of engineering jobs is on a constant rise, as are their salaries.  Interested in pursuing the field of engineering? Here’s some things you should consider…

Engineers are enjoying salary increases “according to the newly released 2013 Salary Guides from Robert Half International, U.S. starting salaries for technology positions in the coming year will show the largest increases among all fields researched — an average of 5.3 percent,” says

Experience always helps.  From an article on, “The median income of full-time salaried respondents increased regularly from $55,000 for those with less than one year of experience to $127,800 for those with 25 years of experience or more.”  In March 2012, interviewed a recent engineering graduate in the article where one executive director of the National Society of Professional Engineers says “first jobs don’t require an engineering license; indeed, a license, which means at least four years of experience before sitting for an exam, is not needed for most engineering jobs. But licensure is crucial for career advancement and top pay several years down the road.”

Education is always important. also says that “full-time salaried respondents holding doctoral degrees in engineering have a median income of $116,000. Those with an M.S. in engineering earn a median of $95,576. Finally, those with a B.S. in engineering earn a median income of $85,900. Those holding a doctorate in engineering earn a median 35% more than those with a B.S. in engineering.”

See which engineering grad schools had the best ranking according to U.S. News & World Report:

-Maricela Ramirez
Social Media Intern
Ryzen Solutions


October 2nd, 2012

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