Semi-Conductors and Their Growth

March 31st, 2016

Semiconductors continues to be a vast export product for the United States, according to the government export statistics. Semiconductors are essential products fueling U.S. jobs, economic growth, and innovation. They are used as a substance conductivity between that of an insulator and is found in electric chips or electronic products. The amount of semiconductors are the third-highest of any manufactured export product.

The semiconductors are ahead of other products such as telephones, computer equipment and communications equipment. The way semiconductors have maintained this leading position should never be forgotten. They have contributed so much to technology and its advancement and appearance throughout modern day.  One reason is because the United States remains a top location for U.S. semiconductor manufacturing. Although, it is somewhat harmful to the environment with the creation of semiconductors, Obama has created a policy in March 2016 that is allowing engineers to create alternative environmental actions.

The semiconductor market today is truly global, and to ensure U.S.-made semiconductors can reach all global markets, it is important that these foreign markets remain open. We have became the independent holder of semiconductors that most foreign countries still need. A huge company needed in China or any other country spans from IBM to Samsung.


Robots Run with Neural Network

March 23rd, 2016

Programming and Machines have begun initiating their shift towards artificial intelligence. The Neural Networks is one of the new trendiest programming language dealing with a version of machine learning research. Neural Network is an advance programming language that mimic the nervous system and brain of a human. It can even be considered as one of the hottest topics in machine learning research today. According to, many big tech companies like Google, Facebook and Baidu are recently jumping into this field of research.

Neural Network is believed to be highly influential to benefit human life in the near future. Robots that are programmed with neural network are going to be automated to do tasks with negligible margin of error. As many have predicted our futures being surrounded by robots, is no longer impossible. Neural network programming has offered a way for robots to be an incomparable version with humans.

The form neural network does not take a human brain form but have complicated systematic formatting. Mainly using statistical analysis, neural network helps determine a human like response based on data to mimic a similar response. Neural network is being explored, who knows what Neural Network is capable of aiding the inventions/ robots of the future.

Children of Engineering

March 18th, 2016

Children are becoming more creative than ever. After the stump period of inventions, kids have now been able to use their imagination and creativity to make new inventions for the future. As they grow up into teenagers those ideas slowly become a reality and benefit society in an engineering way. This is why you are able to see these children inventors of 2016 that is able to code apps or make life changing inventions that contribute to health.


The study with AMSE (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and EiE ( Engineering in Ele.), they observe kids thinking process in which they take turns presenting pieces of data that support their own thoughts, engaging in a practice that is critical for engineers; creating new ways to get to the main idea. Through these observations AMSE concludes their growing minds allow them to think outside the box and create new inventions easier than the typical graduate engineer.


They have also apply what they’ve learned from other places like struggles around the world like walking very far for water to drive them to  create ideas that help it become easier. Although unable to built certain expensive parts, they think of everyday things they can use to make a struggle into a conviency. Ultimately, these students can reach a decision and has a strategy that is not through creating typical part of the engineering, but ideas that drive them. Along the way, they’ve worked individually and with others to communicate skillfully as they argue from evidence and work toward a data-driven decision–demonstrating that they’ve mastered key engineering habits of mind.


Women and Engineering

March 10th, 2016

International Women’s Day was celebrated  on March 8  to  celebrate women’s equality for 100 years, but what about the women in engineering. Although there is a substantial growth of women in engineering compared to 1980, there is still only  14% of female engineers in the United States, which is a shockingly  low amount. Due to the small amount of women in engineering it  urges young girls that enjoy engineering to step up and pursue it without second thoughts.

The United States also steps up in trying to encourage women into  the engineering field by creating Women Engineering  Mentor-ship programs and adjusting the K- 12 STEM to become appealing for girls. According to AMSE, there is now around 20% of women currently applied in an engineering major and soon to graduate into the world of engineering.

Study shows that women needs to slowly get introduced into engineering to gain confidence when going against the stereotypical thought of engineering as masculine.  Many tech companies; however, has showed support by applying different strategies that celebrates women engineers in their  industry. Women can beat the odds and succeed in the engineering field, if they put their mind to it..

The Humanoid

March 3rd, 2016

A robotics company, Boston Dynamics recently unveil one of their innovative robots, the Atlas robot. The robot personifies human movements throughout different terrains, demonstrate maneuvers for catching itself after falling and opening various doors. Although the developers have pushed it around countless of times in the famous demonstration video on youtube, the Atlas robot remarkably gets back up without the use of human control or help.


This humanoid robot which does not only mimic human actions but replicate the certain joint and makeup of humans,as well. The compact and light design can be seen walking around untethered and in complete control of its movements. This robot can walk through snow, maneuvering around objects, and correcting its balance. However, the movement are not super smooth through terrain like snow it can be mistaken as someone who is intoxicated, but it does not fall down. It uses sensors in its body and legs to balance and other sensors in its head to avoid obstacles, conquer the terrain, help with navigation and manipulate objects.


The motive for these robots are still unknown and can be left to buyer’s imagination.This technologically advanced robot is definitely meant for the outdoors. Boston Dynamics describes it to have “specialized for mobile manipulation.The design was said to have took years to build to be electrically powered and hydraulically actuated.