Line of Watches

February 19th, 2016

Smartwatches are the trend of 2016 according to techRepublic.  They have been showcased all over CES (Consumer Electronics Show) signifying its successful technology transition for 2016. The appeal comes from the line of consumer wearables continuing to trend for the years to come.These watches are now being sold through various companies like Apple, Samsung, and etc. The smart watches are the new accessories for phones for better accessible use.

The smartwatches can showcase not only time but offer multiple use .Big companies like Samsung and Apple have adopted this idea and found a new way to make millions by having it specially designed watch to sync with their cell phones. This has attracted more consumers and is currently rising in popularity compared to the pebble smartwatch, which was deemed the superior smartwatch of 2015 by Smartwatch Group. However, the Apple watch and Samsung Gear G2 is following close behind.

As smartwatches allow more usage, health monitoring and phone calls are just by the wrist. The shift of pressing against a cellphone to your ear is now shifting to phone calls with your watch. Big companies are slowly shifting consumers buy both their cell phones and smartwatches by growing this trend and generating new ones every year.

Job Outlook for Silicon Valley

February 11th, 2016

Jobs are not a scarcity in the year 2016 for the Silicon Valley. A survey taken states that 64% of companies in the Silicon Valley intend to hire more people in the coming year, a stark increase from the 59% of companies intending to do so in 2014. Thus suggesting that the area slated for further economic growth and more job prospects for new graduates. This is great news because recent studies show that there is a sharp increase in the amount of qualified recent college graduates who are in search of a job. The Bay Area is shaping up to be a haven for a new, higher-caliber work force and prosperity.


According to Mercury News, Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco, Southern Alameda and Northern Santa Cruz will be the haven of this job outreach due its ideal location spot. The Silicon Valley is no longer in recovery or rebound from the 2010 job scarcity issue, but rather in full expansion. A key factor to the economic prosperity is the Silicon Valley’s importance is it’s technological advancements. Due to society moving towards this new age and Silicon Valley’s close relationship to technology, it can be suggested that more prosperity on the horizon in the following years. It is no doubt an exciting time to be in the Bay Area.


With so much opportunity, positions must be filled from qualified candidates from all over the country. There are more positions than eligible candidates, thus sparking the search for potential employees from areas outside Silicon Valley and starting the relocation process. With so many new positions being offered in the Bay Area, college graduates have a brighter future ahead than was previously portrayed during the 2010 job crisis. Experts suggest that this economic boom has many years to run; finally giving college graduates a much-needed sigh of relief.

The War on Talent

February 1st, 2016

With every Boom, comes a Bust. After World War II, the U.S. saw a sharp increase of birth rates due to the economic prosperity during that time. Thus the Baby Boom generation was born. Fast-forward five decades, and now we are in a Baby Bust era where these baby boomers are beginning to retire and their positions need to be filled quickly with a new qualified workforce.

This change in workforce demographic has shifted how companies view talent. A few years ago due to the poor economic state of the U.S., it was difficult for college graduates to find jobs, but now the tide has turned. Companies are now expanding and actively searching for new talent hence spurring the ‘War for Talent’. As the U.S. approaches full employment the mentality on talent management is changing. Employees now have more options while employers have less leading to an environment that promotes job security and job opportunities.

Top talent in this environment is now needed more than ever as the baby boomer generation begins to retire. Companies are now offering more lucrative benefits and salaries in order to attract and retain this talent. The situation boils down to good news for the new talented workforce and recent college graduates, who have in the past been in a sticky situation. It is a time when employees have more options, prosperity and ultimately freedom.